Game Day Menu eBook+ Flavour with Benefits: France Preview Chapter

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For SuperBowl LV on Sunday February 7, we have cooked up a great menu for you.  

Flavour with Benefits: Game Day 2021 Menu Edition – Free Download of Delicious Recipes plus a Surprise Treat!

The Super Bowl game is on Sunday in Tampa. What a game it’s going to be! Tom Brady and the Buccaneers against Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City. No matter who you are cheering for or just want to have a break and have some fun, we have some great recipes for you to try. Our motto: We never compromise on flavour. Of course, it is good for you. Who says you cannot have both? Now you can.

Everything from breakfast, which is irresistible Cinnamon Rolls, to snacks like Hot and Spicy Cauliflower wings, Veggie Chili -Sweet with some Heat and the ever-popular loaded Beefy Veggie Burger. For dessert, we have cheesecakes and pies. Oh, and if you are getting nervous at any point during the game, there is even a recipe for Hibiscus Pomegranate tea which is sure to calm your nerves.

With sixteen main recipes and seven supporting sauce and ingredient recipes, you cannot go wrong. They are all plant based and nutritious. No guilt as you snack and watch your favourite players. No matter how the game goes, you can have some fun and eat food that has great flavour and is nutritious.

Now I have a special surprise for you in this book. After all that fun, you may want to take a vicarious trip just to get a way for awhile. We have put together a special bonus for you at page 45 of the Flavour with Benefits: Game Day 2021. It is a preview chapter of our upcoming book: Flavour with Benefits: France. It will be released on Kindle in mid March and in hardcover in April, in time for Mother’s Day on May 9th.

About the preview of Flavour with Benefits: France:

Remember when you could travel more freely?

Take a road trip with me to one of the world’s most romantic and beautiful countries, France; see the map we will use to travel to so many special places. We will give a  toast to the Widows of the Champagne who built an industry, learn about these audacious women, and sample some delicious food and get away for just a little while, even if it is in our home.

Download the free book for SuperBowl 55 with 23 delicious recipes, and a preview of Flavour with Benefits: France.

Good luck on Sunday. Bonne chance! Please feel free to share these recipe ideas with your friends. Let me know how you like the recipes by posting your comments on this blog or on social media:

Instagram:          @bakingcuisinetravel