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Flavour with Benefits: France - Amazon Ranked Number 1

We are so pleased to see the reviews for our new book, Flavour with Benefits: France. We worked to strike a balance between, beautiful enticing food, intriguing stories of audacious women set in the world’s number one travel destination: France.

Here are some of the headlines on Amazon sites around the world, so far:

The Most Delicious Book!

This Book has it all: Fascinating Stories, Gorgeous Photos and Healthy Food

Gorgeous pictures, delicious food!

France – Passion abounds with Food

The Next Best Thing to Being in France!

A very human tale about is and our relationship with food.

Stunning photography and fantastic story telling

Easy enjoyable read…great recipes that offer a tempting taste of France

A love affair with France


Your comments are quite humbling. Thank you to everyone who has read the book and to those who are yet to enjoy it. It is indeed a love letter to France along with some new takes on food that never sacrifice on flavour or health. It is so much fun to hear on social media that you are trying the recipes and loving them.

Many years in the making, as all you authors know, we were concerned about every detail. We wanted to share our food journey for the past two years and let people know that you can take control of your food portfolio. You can be healthy with food as your friend, nurturer and of course a pleasure source.

One of my favourite recipes is The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I posted the one from the book on Instagram. But one adventurous person, Emily Ko did her rendition. I love it. She even ate it for breakfast. Vincent would approve.

Flavour with Benefits: Tribute to Van Gogh Pie

We hope to see more posts of the recipes. But most of all, please enjoy the book until we can travel freely. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook flavourwithbenefits.

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