Flavour with Benefits is a philosophy and a journey about life, love, food, travel and health. My name is Cathy Connally. My earliest memories are of my mother, aunt and grandmothers nurturing, caring, cooking, baking, working or running businesses and generally making things happen. 

Food, and the places it comes from, are a big part of life. What motivated me to try to manage my own health with food, started early. When I was five years old, our family all packed up and moved to Metz, France for one year, far away from the United States.

Upon moving to France, I enjoyed all the chocolate and cheese the country had to offer. My stomach became very distended. My mother took me to a doctor and received a diagnosis right away. The doctor laughed and said, “Oh she is eating rich foods and her liver is inflamed. Just have her eat artichokes and it will be ok”. Food as medicine, a natural solution without pills. 

I too, have faced the same challenges that we all face: how to keep a happy family, pay for what your family needs and maybe still further your own career. It is not easy. Time constraints are huge. Always racing to the next meeting, the next task. Exhausting and sometimes overwhelming.

Maybe our journey should be called Flavour with Benefits. Food is social and it is essential. Why not celebrate it? We expect a positive return on our financial investments, why not our food? Our food should nourish and heal us. Now that is Flavour with Benefits.  We want to help a million people change their lives and use their food as a major way to do it.   

Learn more about a delicious approach to living in our book Flavour with Benefits: France now on Amazon in Kindle eBook and Audible and hardcover as well as our hardcover signed by the authors in our shop on this website, flavourwithbenefits.com. 

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