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We are so excited about the 2022 CIPA Awards

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Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global - Wisdom Section - June 3, 2021 by Marina Khidekel
10 Great Books that will help You Reset and Recharge this Summer

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Flavour with Benefits: France by Cathy Connally & Charley Best

"when we cannot easily travel, this light read will take your breath away as you travel a circuitous route starting in
the Champagne region for a glass of bubbly and learn about the women who built an industry. The reader will see castles, vineyards and estates along the way.

With its unique food photography and details instructions with the recipes, it
is both a historical memoir with takes on iconic favourites with a nod to a healthier lifestyle”

Marina Khidekel

"Outstanding Tour de France Yummy
"Authors Cathy Connally and Charley Best assembled a remarkable tour of culinary and societal insights throughout France. This book is vastly different from other recipe cookbooks. The book unfolds more like a storybook that takes you on a whirlwind tour of the country, offering delicious historical tidbits along the way. The original photographs enrich this story like an artfully added dab of perfectly whipped crème. The ingredients used are healthy and natural to excite the palate yet satiate those who sample the tastes.

The history related by the author growing up in this culture-rich environment made me fall in love with this book with every page turn. The example below makes this story become a passionate experience.

When I first invited a friend over and wanted her to wait for me, I ran to ask my father how to say the words in French. When I returned and said, “S’il-te-plaît, attends ici,” she did exactly as I asked. I giggled and was so pleased. Since then, I’ve become very good at asking people to do things!
There was also a little boy in my kindergarten class who teased me unmercifully. His name was Patrick-Michel, but I called him Patrick Méchant (Wicked). Giving him the gift of my repartee in French was quite empowering.

I also fell in love with the French cheeses and bread I saw in the local shops. Walking with my mother, Mary, and looking up at ancient buildings and the cathedral was a far cry from being a little girl in Connecticut. Let’s go on a walk, and I’ll show you.

I enjoyed every page and every recipe of this book and successfully did two of the recipes. I recommend it to those with passions for cooking, life, history, and family. Flavour with Benefits, France is a fantastic book with valuable recipes. I bought it as an ebook, but the book is on my list for Christmas. You must check out the best healthy alternatives."

Rox B

This book has it all, gorgeous photos of France and healthy food
"As a traveler, my favorite part of the book was the beautiful photos of France. They made me long to experience the places on their route for myself. As a reader, my favorite part was the really interesting stories about people. I'm jealous of one of the authors who was able to live in France for some time as a child. What an incredible experience, and what an awesome way to learn French! I also enjoyed the stories of the women who built the champagne industry even though I've never developed a taste for wine. And I haven't even gotten to the food yet. Definitely a book for foodies, as well."

Author's name

Kirkus Reviews:

Ingenious, delightfully presented recipes that give a healthy take on French cuisine.
Connally and Best present the recipes in a clear, easy-to-follow style. Many of them have an intriguing Gallic spin, such as a blueberry cheesecake decorated to mimic van Gogh’s The Starry Night and a confection called “Tétons de Vénus,” a pair of cakes shaped like breasts complete with blueberry nipples. The book’s sumptuous color photos of food and French towns and landscapes are a visual feast, and the prose is equally evocative. (“The creamy texture coats my tongue,” Connally recalls of a cheesecake at a Provencal restaurant. “Something is building. I can feel it. Then it happens. I am not sure whether the creamy filling is getting my attention, or the dripping blackcurrant sauce bursting with tiny wild blueberries, or the sweet, nutty almond date crust, but it’s magnificent….The only thing more pleasurable would be eating it in the arms of a lover.”) And yet, something seems naggingly un-French about the culinary philosophy behind such recipes as “Vive la France Cheesecake,” which features a filling of “plant-based yoghurt,” “plant-based cream cheese,” and 300 grams of non-GMO tofu, and sports saturated-fat levels “75% lower than a traditional cheesecake.” Still, readers seeking well-considered vegetarian-ish versions of French classics will love Connally and Best’s cookery.

Ingenious, delightfully presented recipes that give a healthy take on French cuisine.

Kirkus Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

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