Canada's Walk of Fame with Jeffrey Latimer, CEO accepting Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria

A momentous occasion unfolded at the 25th anniversary celebration of Canada’s Walk of Fame, where our CEO, Jeffrey Latimer, graciously accepted "Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria." Amidst the luminous stars commemorating icons like Avril Lavigne and Connor McDavid, the event resonated with optimism through stirring speeches from former Prime Ministers Jean Chrétien and Stephen Harper.

The glamorous affair also brought together distinguished guests, including Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow and acclaimed actor Victor Karber, who shared our table. The evening was nothing short of spectacular! A heartfelt thank you to Jeffrey Latimer and the entire @cwofame team for orchestrating yet another successful event.

In recognition of their hard work and dedication, we were delighted to present Jeffrey Latimer with a copy of our bestselling book. A special shoutout to my co-author, Charley Best @authorofyourowndestiny, for being a constant pillar of support. Here's to the magic of culinary exploration and the incredible moments shared at Canada's Walk of Fame! 🌟📖🍽️ #CWOF25 #CulinaryExcellence #FlavourfulCelebration