Chili Cooking Demonstration at Center for Nutrition Studies

Thanks to the team at @nutritionstudies who held an amazing conference last week at the Woodcliff Resort in Rochester, NY. We were honoured to do a cooking demonstration of our comforting chili recipe in front of a great crowd.

The vegan chili is rich and tasty with a few special ingredients, one of them is cacao (or cocoa) which gives it a beautiful aroma and colour. It also features lots of flavours from a large selection of herbs such as cumin, smoked paprika which are also good for you. Bonus! It also uses soy curls which are minimally processed. According to Dr. Dawn Massallam @drdawnmussallem soy has protective benefits for breast health and general health. She should know. Check her account out. Her personal journey is incredible.

It was a one-hour demonstration pared down to 58 seconds. It was fun to see people eating the meal afterwards, and they said it was one of their favourite meals. The recipe is on my website and a link in a story. I have edited a few other videos from this session as well, which I will post in the next weeks.

Thanks to everyone who bought our books,Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria and Flavour with Benefits: France We hope you enjoy them. It was fun meeting such a great group.