Collaboration with Others for Trade USA

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring anymore. The handmade baskets and boards from @othersusa, show Tofu Scramble from our newest book, Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria, on page 163. The secret is in the "black salt" which is actually pink. It has a high sulfur content which gives the dish an eggy flavour. Add a dash of turmeric.

The Hardcover and ebooks available on Amazon. We are pleased to announce that during the book launch, Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria was #1 in Gourmet Cooking, Sicily Travel and European Travel Photography.

This nutritious breakfast is presented here using handmade products from Others by Salvation Army. The photo was taken on my back deck, which I think was a wonderful platform for these beautiful handmade pieces.

OTHERS - Trade for Hope, asked if I would help in bringing awareness to their mission. They provided a gift to me of a few of their products: a cutting board, breadbasket, and some wooden bowls. Each are made by people that they rescued from human trafficking and now have skills to help them make a living away from violence. Please visit their store to support this worthy cause. Stay tuned for a giveaway of our book on September 25. .

@othersusa OTHERS - Trade for Hope is an international Salvation Army initiative that promotes hope. Each product sold contributes to the creation of fairly compensated work for people who would otherwise have limited opportunities. When we present OTHERS products, we communicate the story of transformation that happens with every purchase. All products are handmade or include elements of craftsmanship. Check out this resource to discover how you can help promote OTHERS in your community. Behind each OTHERS product, there is a unique story of dignity, independence, and hope.