Eric Hoffer Book Award First Horizon Gold Seal 2023 Awarded to 'Flavour with Benefits: France' in the Culture Category

The Eric Hoffer Book Award has announced the recipients of its coveted First Horizon Gold Seal award, and " Flavour with Benefits: France" has been awarded the First Horizon Gold Seal in the Culture Category.

The Eric Hoffer Book Award was established in 2004 in honor of American philosopher Eric Hoffer, who authored 10 books and was a champion of the underdog. The award recognizes outstanding literary works from independent authors, small presses, and academic presses. The Gold Seal is awarded to the top books in each category.

Flavour with Benefits: France is an exploration of French cuisine and its author's historical journey recounting their roots. Written by Cathy Connally and Charley Best, the book takes readers on a culinary journey through France, exploring the country's regional specialties and the cultural influences that have shaped them. From the rich dishes of the Champagne region to the delicate flavors of Provence, Flavour with Benefits: France is a celebration of French cuisine and culture.

"We are thrilled to receive the First Horizon Gold Seal award from the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Flavour with Benefits: France," said Cathy Connally. "As a food and travel writer, I have always been fascinated by the cultural significance of food. This book is my way of sharing my passion for French cuisine and my family's history that has made it what it is today."

The Eric Hoffer Project is a publishing house dedicated to promoting independent authors and quality literary works. With a focus on underrepresented voices and diverse perspectives, The Eric Hoffer Project seeks to bring new and innovative works to a wider audience.

The First Horizon Gold Seal award from the Eric Hoffer Book Award is a significant achievement for any author or publisher, and Cathy and Charley are honored to receive this recognition for Flavour with Benefits: France. With its engaging writing and rich cultural insights, this book is sure to captivate readers and food lovers alike.

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