Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria Review from Gina Zarcadoolas

We are delighted to share the esteemed review bestowed upon our recent book release, "Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria," by the discerning Gina Zarcadoolas (@foodieandwinelover). Below is an excerpt from her Instagram post:

I am honored to be a part of the launching of Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria.

It is a beautifully-put together hardcover book about food, travel, and lifestyle filled with captivating stories, taking you on a fascinating journey through Sicily and Calabria. While Cathy Connally @flavourwithbenefits brilliantly shares the cultures of these Southern Italian regions, she discloses that this is not a book about traditional Italian food. However, she uses their regional cuisines as a blueprint to incorporate her healthful plant-centric style in each of her recipes. The Biscotti di Polenta (Polenta Biscuits) and the Fiori di Zucca (zucchini blossoms) caught my utmost attention among all of her recipes. All the photos in this book are vibrant and tantalizing.

Cathy would like to offer you a FREE eBook version of Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria when you download it between today and Monday, August 28th, 2023.

Go to Amazon.com and type “Flavour with Benefits: Sicily & Calabria - Kindle Edition”. It is not necessary to have a Kindle to download - just your computer, tablet, or phone, and of course, your Kindle.

Thank you for gifting me your book, Cathy! I will enjoy it, especially given my Italian heritage, and joyfully display it on my coffee table.

Are you curious about this nearly 300-page masterful book?