The Tech of Sports - Podcast for Flavour with Benefits: France

Cathy Connally, Author, ‘Flavour With Benefits: France’

May 11, 2021 - Podcast

A little travel this week and a little on the history of Champagne in sports.

A big welcome to food innovator Cathy Connally and her book, “Flavour With Benefits: France” — the first in a series. The eBook launched in March 2021, and the hardcover edition was released in April.

“Flavour With Benefits” is a new book series by Cathy Connally and coauthor Charley Best. Each book takes the reader on a journey to a different country or region and shares the stories of strong women, breathtaking sights, and food and flavours that re-imagine “I’ll Have What She’s Having.”

“With this series of books,” says Cathy, “we are offering women an escape to visit exciting places, draw inspiration from women who changed the world, and enjoy food that doesn’t compromise on taste and health.”

Rick and Cathy talk Cathy’s passion for travel, the book and some of the history of Champagne.

A fun read that takes you away to France and more!

Flavour with Benefits: France is from Collesano Publishing, wholly owned by Connally Best Partners Corp.