Mango Banana Nice Cream

This tasty treat is so healthy that you can eat it every night. This would a good option for children who don’t want to eat fruit. Easy to make. Because it has no dairy, so it is low fat and no added sugar.

Flavours: creamy banana texture with aromatic beautiful naturally sweet mango will make you swear that it is ice cream.

Benefits: low fat, high in vitamin C, B6 in potassium and copper. This is a dessert you can eat any time of day and for that matter, every day.

Hold on to your food processor when you make this one. Literally. LOL. This has only a few ingredients and it is tasty and nutritious. Decorate as you wish to add some fun.

Time: 8 hours

Yield: 4 Servings

Equipment: food processor



225 grams frozen peeled banana

175 grams frozen mango



Peel and freeze the bananas and mangos for at least 8 hours.

Put all ingredients into the food processor. Hold on tight to the food processor so it does not buck off the counter as the frozen bananas will offer resistance. Process until the mixture has the consistency of ice cream. Serve immediately.


Mango Banana Nice Dream Nutritional Facts