• Crudité with Hemp Heart Dip

    This is a classic French dish. It is so flexible and can be flexed to include or exclude any vegetables in season or for your likes or dislikes. The nice thing is that most of the vegetables can be consumed raw. This is healthy and faster to prepare. You can alternatively blanch some veggies if you think they are too hard to chew for children or adults who have issues chewing.
  • Le Biscuit Rose de Reims

    This Le Biscuit Rose de Reims recipe requires some baking forms if you want to make them as closely as possible to the original. Otherwise have fun and make whatever shapes you want. You could also make them whatever colour you want but the original is obviously a lovely pink. Less is more when adding the colour. The original versions have lots of air bubbles so have fun with these. The story goes that these biscuits originally were leftover bread dough and decided not to waste it and the result was these pretty biscuits. That is most likely why they are made with yeast rather than another form of leavening.