• Watermelon Mint Salad

    Serve up this Watermelon Mint Salad with Cashew Ricotta on a hot summer's day. It’s incredibly easy, and oh so tasty!
  • Herb-Kissed Asparagus Spears

    These herb-kissed asparagus spears are easy to make and so tasty. When asparagus is plentiful, this is a go to meal.
  • Baked Blooming Onion

    Craving a Blooming Onion? This comfort food will satisfy you but are so much healthier because they are oil free and baked instead of fried. But the flavour is wonderful.
  • Strawberry Blueberry Crumble

    When strawberries and blueberries are at the height of ripeness, this is an easy summer treat that is easy to make and healthy too. Ready in under 45 minutes and when using some stevia or monk fruit, reduces sugar by 25%, has zero cholesterol and oats deliver fibre and protein and keep it gluten-free. No need to order out. Make this one yourself.


  • Chickpea No Tuna Salad Sandwich

    Do you ever get those urges for the favourite foods such as tuna salad? All those flavours blending together to have a party in your mouth. This recipe uses chickpeas as the stand in for tuna and for that creamy must-have mayonnaise, silken tofu is the star.

  • Carrot Cake

    I don’t know about you but I love carrot cake. There might be only one aspect to it I don’t like, which is the calories and fat. This version gives you all the flavour with none of the guilt.
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

    A luxurious dessert that is all plant-based, dairy-free and gluten-free. A decadent surprise for all that are tempted to try it. Who doesn’t love a pumpkin pie and who doesn’t love cheesecake? Combining them together may make some people want to get a hotel room when they eat this one. And put the do not disturb sign up.
  • Tofu Scamble

    If you want a quick breakfast that looks and tastes like scrambled eggs, this is your ticket. Healthy and oil free. Add it on top of toast or just eat it in a traditional manner, it will not disappoint.
  • Persimmon Pumpkin Tart

    The pumpkin is aged overnight with pumpkin pie spices heightening the flavour, coupled with persimmon pureed and seasoned with ginger. The gluten free crust provides a nice almond flavour for this tasty autumn treat.

  • Sour and Sweet Cherry Cheesecake Pie

    Who doesn’t love cheesecake and cherry pie? Why not put them together in this fun pie with seasonal cherries. This recipe delicious, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. Using monk fruit in place of sugar, it is low in sugar and is a great alternative to pies using refined sugar.
  • Seasonal Fruit Covered Cake

    If you love cake but would like to skip all the refined sugar and dairy, this is the cake for you. The cake itself is gluten-free and sweetened with maple syrup and molasses. The frosting is nut butter and dates.
  • Strawberry Rhubarb Clafoutis

    This new take on a traditional clafoutis combines flavours you might normally find in a pie. Decorated with a summery festive touch, it is sure to please. It is healthy with some sweet and tart notes and is dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. It is a nice easy breakfast cake ready in a little over an hour.