• Ancient Crepe

    Sometimes your research brings you some interesting information. I was doing some looking for a crepe recipe and was interested in when and where these beautiful creations originated. It turns out they date back to Medieval times, the mid 13th century to be exact. The original name was Crespes (crisp) and as with a lot of things, were a mistake with porridge poured on a hot griddle. The original recipe merely gave instructions for the ingredients with no measurements. Reminds me of my maternal grandmother. took the time to figure out the recipe. It particularly interested me as it is naturally leavened. Makes sense, since it is ancient. The original flour used was buckwheat which is an ancient grain, so it is actually gluten free as well. It is lacey and light. One crepe is not enough.
  • Cinnamon Cherry Spiced Sourdough Bread

    This version of Cinnamon Cherry Spiced Sourdough Bread has no oil, no dairy and no eggs. Sourdough made from whole wheat flour and no oil or sugar retains all the flavour and increases the health profile, making it a great addition to breakfast or maybe anytime.
  • Holiday Vegan Firenog

    This Holiday Vegan Firenog beverage will set you free. It is an adaptation of traditional Eggnog but this is vegan so all guests can participate, and if you are a cinnamon fan, it will light your fire. Using Cinnamon whisky Fireball instead of bourbon, it has a great taste that can be dressed up with extra cinnamon and nutmeg. Hot or cold it is a winner.
  • Banana Bread – healthier with secret ingredients!

    This Banana Bread is a recipe that my mother typed for me and I have used so much. I wanted to try an eggless version, so the secret ingredient is silken tofu instead of eggs. You can make it added sugar free, dropping many calories but still enjoying a sweet treat. The overripe bananas give it sweetness and the vinegar, milk and yoghurt are a substitute for buttermilk . I have since made many updates to it and improved the calories, carb count and saturated fat profile, but it remains true to its original heritage.